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Elevate Digital is one of the leading animated production studios in Malaysia. Having delivered close to 200 animated videos for Malaysian as well as overseas based clients, we truly are experience over a vast range of industries and niches. Some of the businesses we have partnered with are leaders in medical, technology, app development as well as printing solution providers. Having an animated video today for a business is no longer optional – it’s a MUST! 

An animated video has the ability to totally transform the way a potential customer views your Business. So if you’re a business owner or marketing director who is looking to provide a fresh perspective for your Business and take your business forward into the digital age – an animated video is where you start.

Why Animated Videos? | Elevate Digital

For one thing – animated videos are ‘rock-stars’ when it comes to Social Media. In an international survey undertaken by Nielsen in 2019 (one of the largest marketing research companies in the world) – animated videos perform best when compared to traditional videos, images or even infographics over Social Media. The nature of animated videos are the reason behind this – due to its super colourful and fun nature of the video itself, it simply is loved by viewers, who in turn share with their friends and family online via Social Media. This leads to a tremendous reach of such videos when used online for marketing or even brand awareness.

Elevate Digital Media specialises in a range of animated video production such as whiteboard animation and 2D animation that deliver amazing results, when employed with a Digital Marketing strategy over Social Media. The results we have delivered to clients include tripling sales numbers over 30 days, reaching millions of people in just a few short months and transforming the way a traditional business is viewed into a modern, nimble and exciting business in the minds of your customers.

We have compiled in this article just 3 of the top reasons why your Business in Malaysia and beyond needs to employ an animated video when it comes to showcasing your business, products or services and what it would mean for you in terms of growth. Read on to find out below.

What can you use an Animated Video for? | Elevate Digital

Elevate Digital Media

At Elevate Digital we are leaders when it comes to crafting animated videos that sell and literally take your Business to the next level. That means no matter what your goals are – we formulate, design and produce an animated video that meets just your business’s goals accordingly. Some of the goals that we can tailor your animated videos for include the following:

  • Generating Sales
  • Explain a Product or Service
  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Training or Coaching 

Generating sales online today means using Social Media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc) so that your potential clients or customers can be made aware of your products / services in the first place. Animated videos help you generate sales by incorporating a compelling sales pitch in the production of the sales video that describes a problem your potential customer faces and the solution offered by your product or service in manner that truly resonates with your viewers.

Animated videos also are very helpful when it comes to explaining the nature of your product or service. Often a complicated product or service (think insurance / financial products / highly mechanised product) can be explained in a simple and more importantly entertaining manner to your viewers. This results in a marketing videos that is highly effective as it’s easily understood by your prospective customers.

Another use of animated videos is to build brand or business awareness. An effective strategy to build brand awareness means that your potential customers think of your when they encounter a problem. You can achieve with the use of effective Social Media marketing – where our animated videos excel at building brand awareness and granting an impressive amount of reach in a short period of time. Videos are literally the future of marketing an animated videos are one of the most shared videos online thanks to its entertaining and fun nature.

Animated videos have also proven very effective in training and coaching related projects or tasks. For example you could educate potential new-hires in your company using a series of animated videos to educate and train them on a corporate culture or job-role for example. This not only standardises the tasks that would be required for a new-hire but also results in a method of conveying information that is entertaining and has a very high rate fo a viewer retaining the information – versus paying a trainer, using boring powerpoint slides etc.

Driving your Business forward with an Animated Video | Elevate Digital Media

Animated Video Malaysia

As the popular saying goes ‘Change is the ONLY Constant’ – the same also applies to your Business. Utilising an animated video in your Business gives your business a breath of fresh air – in terms of how potential customers view your business, more so if you’re a traditional business that’s been around for years. Giving your business a modern, and agile perspective means your customers are engaged and are confident that your products / services are also evolving with times.

  • Help Explain Your Business | Animated Video Studio Malaysia

    Animated Video Malaysia

    Are you a fan of sitting through a one hour long boring powerpoint presentation? Or would you rather watch a 2 minute colourful and fun animated video that tells you the EXACT same thing? Chances are you’re going to opt for the latter. Nobody likes sitting through a boring presentation or pitch – we all want to be entertained. An animated video helps your pitch or explain your Business especially when you have an important client or business meeting about what your business, products or services in a manner that is truly engaging. You not only capture the attention and imagination of your viewers – you also have a much higher chance of snagging that contract!

  • Your Industry is ‘Boring | Animated Video Studio Malaysia

    Animated Video Malaysia

    Most traditional businesses today are struggling in view of the challenges facing them in terms of online marketing – they are unable to present an ‘exciting’ or ‘fresh’ outlook of their business. Think banner printing, laundry, etc. These traditional businesses have been around for years and most people don’t even give them a second thought on a normal day. However if you truly want to stand out and take advantage of the shift to digital marketing and conducting business online – your corporate image and the way your potential customers ‘perceive’ you has to evolve with times.

    Into the rescue comes the use of animated videos. Compared to a typical corporate or professional video, animated videos fare much better in conveying an image that is not only professional but fun as well. Animated videos also typically cost a lot less than a professionally commission video shoot. At Elevate Digital we are truly the only animated video production studio that is upfront and transparent about our prices which is published right on our website HERE.

    Commissioning an animated video production has never been easier! So what are you waiting for?

  • Customers Don’t Fully Trust You | Animated Video Studio Malaysia

    Animated Video Malaysia

    One of the main challenges a business first faces when they shift to online marketing is getting the trust of customers. Unless you have put in hundreds of thousands of dollars in offline and online marketing beforehand – most people coming to your website online are probably first time visitors. Convincing these people the you’re a reputable vendor and a business online not only takes time but plenty of effort.

    However imagine seeing an animated video introduction on the same website – a visitor is then able to recognise and immediately gain value from the video in terms of the business and the products offered. This instantly helps build trust of the business. Whilst this is really just common sense – most business owners still do not recognise how a simple thing as having a video on their website instantly helps improve converting a website visitor into a potential customer in the near future.

    Invest in your Business’s future – commission an animated video production now!

Animated Video Production for Businesses in Malaysia & Singapore | Elevate Digital

Elevate Digital Media

Elevate Digital Media is one of the leading animated video production studio in both Malaysia and Singapore – and is well known for its reputation of producing animated video that convert really well for various businesses. Having personally worked with close to 200 businesses around the world, our videos are proven to be effective in accomplishing your business’s goals.

Our commitment to quality and offering a great product at an affordable and transparent price truly makes us stand out in the playing field. From serving various industry niches such as insurance, medical, technology, app development, machinery an engineering – we have dealt with and helped produce amazing quality animated videos that truly sets your business apart from the rest.

The question you should be asking now is – are you ready to transform your Business to the next step and truly set it apart?

If you answered “YES” – then simply visit us HERE and we would get right onto it for you.

Or drop us a WhatsApp at +60172517806 if you have any questions at all.