So you want to find out more about ActiveCampaign’s pricing details and how you can get your money’s worth if you signed up today? Well look no further, check out exactly how you derive the maximum benefit of the various plans offered by ActiveCampaign in this comprehensive breakdown.

ActiveCampaign is a tool that most email marketers and businesses, small and larger love! We personally have been using them for over 2 years now, and we’ve certainly also seen some great improvement in terms of features and usability in this time. ActiveCampaign‘s features, reporting functions, automation and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools are unparalleled with the competition’s, but how do you get the best bang for your buck when you sign up for an ActiveCampaign trial account today?

Let’s dive in and find out shall we?


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ActiveCampaign Pricing and Features Overview

Now let’s take a bird’s eye view of all the plans currently available with Active Campaign. There are namely 4 broad pricing plans when you start your free 14 days trial account with ActiveCampaign today. There are namely:

Active Campaign Lite Plan

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ActiveCampaign Lite: Great fit for small teams. Allows upto 3 users only, however it does come with some of the most powerful email automation features available today. It also includes custom design options and social media integration capabilities. It also includes unlimited email sending, ability to set up customised subscription forms as well as newsletter design and sending. Offers a powerful email marketing solution compared with various other competitors in the same price range.

Active Campaign Plus Plan

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ActiveCampaign Plus: This would be a great for either bigger teams, supporting up to 25 accounts at a time, or for organisations that require a comprehensive CRM Customer Relationship Management, to do the heavy lifting for managing client database. You also get the neat ability to incorporate the ability to send SMS, as well as the exclusive customised domain name for your emails. In addition, you can also stand out better as the Plus plan also removes the ActiveCampaign branding, giving your forms a more professional and refined look. Finally, the 1 month of 1-to-1 training could be useful if you want to get the most from ActiveCampaign’s powerful automations.

Active Campaign Professional Plan

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ActiveCampaign Professional: The Professional plan which starts at $159 a month is a pretty big commitment for an email marketing software. However it does come pretty loaded with some features that aren’t available on the other plans. This plan supports up to 50 user accounts at a time, and also boasts using machine learning and artificial intelligence features to help predict customer behaviour, and gives you some impressive data in respect of ability to identify your winning audience in terms of how they react with your communication channels. The Professional plan also stands out with the offer of 3 one-on-one training sessions per month offered by ActiveCampaign for each Professional account user.

Active Campaign Enterprise Plan

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ActiveCampaign Enterprise: This plan is a great fit for bigger companies with an equally big budget. Starting from $229 per month, this plan offers an impressive unlimited number of user accounts supported, and the most sophisticated features a custom phone number for sending SMS, a custom mail server domain, phone support, unlimited one-on-one training, dedicated account manager as well as a clearly set upon Service Level Agreement for your peace of mind by ActiveCampaign.


Email Migration Offer | ActiveCampaign Pricing Comparison

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Now chances are you’re already using an email marketing or automation software of some sorts, if you are then fret not, typically the biggest sore point for shifting email marketing platforms has been the time and effort required in redoing all the work you’ve put in from CRM (Customer Relationship Management) flow, automation sequence of emails and SMS etc.

The great thing about enrolling with ActiveCampaign today is that they offer a completely free migration service, which means that the entire worry of doing the following is all taken care of:

  • Importing your email lists, contacts, custom fields, and tags
  • Recreate your automation workflows
  • Recreating opt-in forms
  • Recreating email templates and flows

ActiveCampaign Pricing Comparison

Check out the table below that shows an easy Pricing Comparison for ActiveCampaign‘s plans based on number of contacts:

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ActiveCampaign Features | ActiveCampaign Pricing Comparison

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ActiveCampaign boasts of some pretty impressive email marketing, sales, messaging, CRM as well as an entire marketing platform that’s all inclusive. It also has a machine learning or artificial intelligence feature that helps you as a business owner to analyse data and make better informed key business decisions. Some of the features that’s available with ActiveCampaign when you start your 14 day trial today is as follows:

Email Segmentation and Tagging

As a business you typically have a multitude of products and different customer segments that they appeal to. ActiveCampaign lets you to segment their subscribers into various distinct categories, and subsequently craft a unique method of reaching out to each category of subscribers. You could also tag the subscribers in your list depending on their previous interactions with your brand or your product. This then allows your business to have powerful, targeted communication and engaged your subscribers better as you can actually relate to them much better, as well as provide the right sort of information.

Lead Scoring

ActiveCampaign also lets you lead score your subscribers, meaning you can actually track each user’s engagement with your brand or business, and craft a series of automation that follows up with these group of people to further generate more sales or provide a custom upsell offer. The team members associated with your ActiveCampaign account are also automatically notified when these leads are heating up, and being primed to make a purchase. This can then be used to follow-up with these ‘hot leads’ directly or via emails automatically based on the change of lead chores as they happen in real-time.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing or also otherwise known as ‘split-testing’ allows ActiveCampaign to provide up to 5 different sets of emails at the sign-up time, thereby allowing you as a business to find the best combination of content, subject lines, images or videos used in the series of communication you’d have with your subscribers or leads. This also provides you the powerful capability to perform automated split-tested automated workflows that help you determine which approach or funnels make the best use of your advertising spend for example.

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Take Advantage of ActiveCampaign’s FREE 14 Days Trial Today

When you choose to start with ActiveCampaign today, you automatically get a FREE 14 Days Trial to test out the platform. You can then see for yourself exactly how you can leverage the powerful and easy to use features of ActiveCampaign to further advance the goals of your business for yourself.

We are confident that the intuitive design and the way the platform itself is presented would also make it that much easier for you to immediately start to take advantage of some of the advanced segmentation, workflow automation and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features that are available on ActiveCampaign.

We trust the above comprehensive ActiveCampaign Pricing article has enlightened you on the various pricing plans available with AcitveCampaign when you start your FREE Trial today. Simply click below to get started and start generating sales and lead on autopilot with the extensive automation features that ActiveCampaign offers today!

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