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Looking for an Animated Video for your small business? Have always wanted to get an animated video for your business, but has the exorbitant prices being typically charged put you off? Ever thought about embarking on an animated video project but just simply found it too overwhelming?

Well we know exactly what you’re experiencing, as those are the same issues our clients at Elevate Digital Media used to face until they found us! At Elevate Digital we specialise in creating world-class, outstanding animated videos that would position your business way ahead of your competitors, and the best part is we do in a manner that has successfully delivered over 200+ animated videos to clients around the world – from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and the United States and more!

We know that as a small business, you’re often pressed for a what the big agencies call – a ‘marketing’ budget that is often inflated and make your eye-water. That’s why we made a promise when we started our animated video agency to only produce outstanding animated videos that are truly affordable for small businesses.

What’s more our talented and experience project team members would make it a breeze for you to navigate your animated video production process, that you’d literally not have to lift a finger! We do everything from script-writing, voice-over recording to the graphics design and animation. We also keep you cued in the entire time and you’re always able to provide feedback, opinion and revisions throughout the production process.

The best part is that our 60 seconds animated video starts from only RM 3499 (offer for Malaysian small businesses) to get a full-fledged animated video just like the one below.

Reach Potential Customers Easily

As a small business owner, you know you need to reach a wide audience to promote or sell your products or services, but you often are constrained in terms of what you can spend on marketing budget – be it on traditional media such as radio, newspaper ads etc, or digital media such as social media, search engine marketing etc. The key to overcome this, especially when it comes to digital media or online advertising is to use content that will naturally attract your viewers.

Think of it this way, to reach say 10,000 people on social media, you could either use an animated video or an image post. Recent marketing research by Nielsen indicates that video advertising is up to 7x more effective than any other form of media. What’s even better is that animated video even performs much better than other form of video adverts simply because they are such fun to watch! I mean, who doesn’t love cartoons right?

Animated Video Malaysia

Why should Small Businesses use Animated Videos?

Animated Video Malaysia

Reach is all that matters the it comes to marketing. Reach and cost obviously if you’re planning to run a profitable business! Now advertising online is a no-brainer as most business owners are already aware that their customers are all online, so if they aren’t present online – then they’re simply losing out to other business competitors who have a killer online presence.

However most small business owners have no idea where to start or even what form of media to use to promote their businesses. Well let’s shed a little light here – it’s no surprise that video marketing is the future. The latest research published by Ingenta (a market research firm) indicates that videos reach a wider audience and converts viewers to become buyers better than any other form of media.

There are various reasons to choose the use of animated videos to promote your small business in 2020, and we have just listed a few them below.

  • Reach a wider pool of potential customers cheaply
  • Make a lasting impression in the minds of your viewers
  • Converts viewers into buyers better than any other form of media
  • Positions your small business as a modern and savvy business
  • Educates and makes viewers aware of your products or services in an easy manner
  • Promotes customer retention
  • Truly sets you apart from your other competitors

Animated Video Malaysia

What’s the best place to use my Animated Video?

Animated Video Malaysia

The beauty of animated video is that it can literally be used anywhere! It works amazingly well on Social Media, so you could feature it on your small business’s Facebook or Instagram page or various other social media platforms. You could also put it in your small business’s website, and it would also certainly work well to impress your website visitors who are visiting your page to learn more of your business and services offered.

You could send the animated video via WhatsApp to showcase your products or services to a potential client you’re already in discussions with. Or you could also send it via an email attachment as well to someone. As you can see the versatile nature of animated videos make it an amazing investment that can be used in literally any platform.

The best part is also that you can continue using the same animated video for years to come should you wish to, as changes are the nature of your business would still be the same.

Hence why an investment in an animated video for a small business owner is probably one of the most worthwhile investments when it comes to content marketing as it offers huge benefits!

Animated Video Malaysia

Animated Videos for Small Businesses | Elevate Digital

Elevate Digital

Animated videos for small businesses can significantly make a difference in the bottomline for most small businesses around the world. A well executed video marketing

As mentioned above the versatility and the numerous use of Animated Videos for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) around the world is something every business owner should be aware of.

The demand for animated video production for use in businesses and personal websites in Malaysia has been on a meteoric rise over the past few years. This is because website owners are looking for new ways to attract more users to their websites and increase their online presence. As a small business owner, you too should be thinking about way to increase your online visibility and getting more people to visit your website and social media pages to learn more about your business.

The nature of animated videos being fun, quirky, colourful and at the same time being able to convey the desired message to your viewing audience is what makes it incredibly effective. Animated videos hold viewer attention up to 85% better compared to other videos, images or text content as well. If your viewers are glued to the video, then obviously getting them to take action is a much easier task to do. Therein lies another added benefit of using animated videos to promote your small business in Malaysia, Singapore or elsewhere from around the world.

Animated Video Malaysia

Why does your Small Business need an Animation Video | Elevate Digital

Animation Videos Small Business

Having an animation video not only do lets you as a Business stand out from the crowd. It also breaks the monotony of constantly having to reading though your articles or content for your audience. Your viewers will appreciate it, and this will in return translate into better sales and conversion rate for your small business.

What you should appreciate is that having a video is no longer adequate, you should have a video that would  command the attention of your viewers in an instant! When it comes to marketing a product or service online, gaining the attention of your prospective clients or customer is the hardest thing to achieve, and using an animated video is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

The explosion of colours, music, and the voice-over associated in the production of our award-winning animated videos means that your animated video viewers are instantly captivated with such a video and are literally drawn in to continue watching the video till the very end – allowing you plenty of time to explain your business, product offering and make an enticing sales pitch to get them to take action.

People still have a major soft spot for animation videos, and this is something you should take advantage of. However, animated videos could backfire and completely turn people off when they are produced poorly. People want to see animation videos that are as good as what they see on TV, and you need to deliver the standard that they are used to, or you’re simply going to be unable to capture your viewers attention.

So if you want to take your small business further and grow to much greater heights – then investing in an animated video for your small business is not only a smart thing to do, but it could literally make all the difference in a world where every business needs to have a winning online presence post Covid-19 in Malaysia and beyond.

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Animation Videos Small Business