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Animated videos are extremely versatile and wide-reaching. Not only can they be used to enliven and improve any company website — they have also demonstrated that they are an extremely effective social media marketing tool.

Elevate Digital has a talented, highly creative production team that is truly dedicated to producing innovative, animated videos in Singapore that will captivate the viewers’ attention. Our range of video animation production services is extensive and ever growing. Today, our client base is consistently on the rise and includes large corporations as well as SME (Small Medium Enterprises) around the world 🌍.

Reach A Wider Audience

Recent stats released by Google suggest that online videos (for example, marketing videos, whiteboard animations, animated videos etc.) can increase the chances of scoring a first page ranking. As more and more business owners realize the marketing power of online video, we have noticed a steady rise in the production and use of animated videos in Singapore for those striving to grow online presence (more so with the effect of Coronavirus Circuit Breaker).

Having an online marketing video, using an animated video sure is a sure-fire to become the word of town for a Business looking to market and sell its products and services in a manner that truly stands out from the rest.

What are the benefits of animated video Singapore?

Singapore Animated Video

Online animated video production in Singapore is growing rapidly simply due to the fact that it offers a wide range of benefits for anyone employing it in their marketing strategies. Animated videos can make a great addition to the online marketing campaigns of most businesses due to the versatility of style options available depending on the purpose — explainer videos, whiteboard animations, e-learning videos and corporate videos to name just a few.

There are a variety of benefits to be gained from the use of high-quality animated videos, depending on the type chosen. Animated videos are also a great way to enhance brand identity, increase conversions and drive web traffic. Recent statistics undertaking by international marketing research firm – Nielsen, also show that they increase the likelihood of a first page Google ranking.

One major advantage of the use of animated video singapore is that they can be shared through social networks (think Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc). Additionally, animated videos are also offers an instant and immediate way to get your Business’s key messages to your target audiences.

How long does it take to produce an Animated Video Singapore?

How long to produce animated videos

The time for an animated video production depends on a number of different factors such as the chosen animation style, complexity and video duration. A simple full-motion graphical animated video for example can be produced in as little as a few weeks whilst a complex, lengthy and detailed animation can take many months to complete. 

At Elevate Digital, we strive to complete a typical 60 seconds animated video production process within 21 working days. However the success for an animated video production on time does depend on the co-operation of the client to provide timely feedback and ensure the animated video singapore production process does not get held up for undue delays in the production timeline.

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Key Techniques used in Animated Video Production | Elevate Digital

Animated Video Malaysia

The demand for animated video production for use in corporate and personal websites in Singapore has been on the increase over the past few years. This is because website owners are looking for new ways to attract more users to their websites and increase their online presence. Creating animation videos can be quite overwhelming and is a process that requires skilled animators because of the various techniques used.

You cannot have animated videos without animations. This makes the process of creating the characters very important. Animations are designed by artists or animators, and there are different ways in which these characters can be brought to life. These are :

Computer generated animation videos are developed using specialized software. These type of animation videos are designed using computer graphics. The images include both dynamic and static imagery. Animation videos created using computer graphics are easier to manipulate and can have a more realistic outcome than traditional techniques. There is no need for actors or set pieces since the software in use can generate set sceneries as well. Scenes of landscape and architecture are also created, and this contributes to making these animated videos seem very real. This technique is widely used in even 3D animation videos which have become very popular and can give your website the boost it needs.

This second type of animation videos involves the actual drawing the characters. This technique also goes by the names such as cel animation’, ‘classical animation,’ as well as ‘hand-drawn animation.’ This animation video singapore creation process involves drawing the characters in different scenes and motions to create the sequence desired. Once the characters of the story and the storyboard are approved by the client, props for the video and model sheets are prepared. This process is used to create stop motion and 2D videos.

Though animation videos created using traditional techniques and computer generated animations have clear differences, they both go through a similar pre-production phase. Both animation processes begin with creation of a storyline script and storyboard.

Computer generated animation videos are entirely digital in nature. The powerful software that we use creates the character along with the movements required in the story. The surroundings are also developed digitally. With traditional animations, the process is extremely involving because all the characters are hand drawn, along with the individual movements.

These exact movements are captured on their own before editing them to create a natural flow of events. The process requires a lot of patience and tends to take a lot of time, easily stretching into months and costing tens of thousands of dollars! The creation of animations is one of the most important steps in producing animated videos.

An animated video production company like Elevate Digital specializes in the computer aided video animation described above, and has delivered close to 200+ animated videos to clients across the world. The success of your animated video production project will entirely depend on the kind of partners that you engage to make it a success for your or your Business.

Why do you need an Animation Video Company | Elevate Digital

Animation Video Company Malaysia

Having an animation video not only do lets you as a Business stand out from the crowd. It also breaks the monotony of constantly having to reading though your articles or content for your audience. Your viewers will appreciate it, and this will in return translate into better sales and conversion rate for your business.

The only problem with the usual kind of videos that you often encounter on various websites and social media that businesses use is that EVERYONE has one! What you should appreciate is that having a video is no longer adequate, you should have an impeccable video which will command the attention of your viewers in an instant! When it comes to marketing a product or service online, gaining the attention of your prospective clients or customer is the hardest thing to achieve, employing an animated video singapore is one of the most effective ways around this.

The explosion of colours, music, and the voice-over associated in the production of our award-winning animated videos means that your video viewers are instantly captivated with such a video and are literally drawn in to continue watching the video to the end – allowing you plenty of time to explain your business, product offering and make an enticing sales pitch to get them to take action.

People still have a major soft spot for animation videos, and this is something you should take advantage of. However, animated videos could backfire and completely turn people off when they are produced poorly. People want to see animations that are as good as what they see on TV, and you need to keep up with the standards. The only way you can live up to the expectations of your audience is by hiring an experienced animation video company in Singapore.

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