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Animated Video with Voiceover is one of the most powerful tools a business could acquire in today’s terms of marketing to customers online. Due to it’s super fun, colourful and highly shareable use, animated videos thrive on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc. It’s also very effective when used on your website or landing pages. Animated videos can be used to educate clients, improve brand awareness, as well as improve conversion or actual sales rates. We know this, for at Elevate Digital – we have bee delivering such high quality, amazing animated videos over 7 years to over 150+ businesses across 4 counties. Check out our portfolio at :

Animated videos with voiceover essentially means a full motion animation studio, created with colourful graphics, and an actual human voiceover in the background. Throughout the course of the video – the voiceover use helps explain and clarify in further detail the content and help drive the pertinent information to the viewer of the said animated video. The combination of animated video (with colourful graphics, full motion, text) and the voiceover makes up for a marketing tool that essentially is almost difficult for a viewer to peel his/her eyes away.

Animated videos are also popular for making dry and boring topics easy and fun to understand and digest for their viewers. This is due to their nature of being colourful and light-hearted. All of these factors, make the use of such animated or explainer videos a MUST for any business looking to attract customers and promote their products and services

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Now let’s talk about what makes Animated Video with voiceovers SPECIAL? For starters they use colourful, engaging images, and motion that often takes a complex idea and presents it in a simple and super easy to understand manner. Animated Video usage has been cited by various marketing intelligence research reports to contribute in improving product / service understanding by more than 6 times compared to other traditional means such as a powerpoint slide, quotations, brochures etc.

They are also a proven and effective tool in conveying information to someone else that results in a significantly higher retention rate, i.e. the person viewing the video will be able to recall information shown in it much longer than anything else, such as information obtained from reading a document or watching a powerpoint slide for example.

Animated Videos with Voiceovers

At  Elevate Digital we specialise in creating high quality animated videos studio in Malaysia  complete with voiceovers to get your content and ideas across to your target viewers. Our voiceovers compromise of various voice-over artists offered voice over production in languages such as English and Malay. Other languages are also available on request such as Mandarin, Hokkein, Tamil, Hindi etc.

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Want to find out more about how employing an Animated Video would help you stand out from your competitors and gain more market share instantly? Find out more below:


    Animation Studio Malaysia

    You can get an animated video produced for your business. Much like a normal video content, an animated video communicates to your audience – all about your products, services or business itself.

    So if for instance you’re a retailer selling sports goods – you can commission an animated video that talks about the latest line of Adidas sneakers you may have just got to the store at an unbelievable price for instance.

    Whatever it is that you want your video viewers to know – an animated video can help you accomplish that in a manner that is fun, affordably, and more importantly helps you accomplish the goals of your business – unlike ever before!


    Insurance marketing video

    Animated videos do an amazing job across social media platforms. Due to their highly sharable nature of animated videos – viewers will often share the video with their family and friends across various social media platforms, meaning that your video would reach a HUGE number of viewers without too much of an effort. This allows the video to make a powerful impact and a much wider reach of audience than you could ever imagine.


    Got an important presentation coming up? Animated videos help you make a powerful impact during important presentation. Instead of getting an important client to sit through a 100 slides of powerpoint presentation, you could just show them a 2 or 3 minute video which explains your idea and make your pitch – in a way that would be truly memorable.

    Your presentation audience would also be totally awed! More importantly the important takeaways of the presentation is also delivered to your audience in a way that is truly memorable. Animated videos has been proven (by market research and intelligence) to catch your audience’s attention and allows information retention in the longest possible way. What better way could there be to do a presentation? Check out how we produce amazing quality animation videos.

As such one can easily from the above examples and benefits – how valuable the effective use of an Animated Marketing Video strategy could make a HUGE difference for businesses operating in Singapore, Malaysia and around the world today.

Animated Video Malaysia

Animated videos could literally launch your SME (Small Medium Enterprise), business nationwide in no time at all! If you are seriously interested in improving your sales, bottom line, improve brand awareness and grow your business to be a powerhouse amongst your competitors – using Animated Videos as part of your marketing efforts is a MUST!

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At Elevate Digital – we sure are a quirky creative bunch! We love coming up with new marketing messages and a way or presenting an old idea in a completely unique manner that grabs viewers attention. An outstanding Animated Video, coupled with an effective Social Media Marketing strategy has the potential to literally change the way your business is able to attract new clients and customers on an ongoing basis.

This is exactly what we at Elevate Digital specialises in – from producing world class animated sales and marketing videos, to employing the video to gain maximum traction for the said business. Our Integrated Digital Marketing™ solution, especially one that incorporates an Animated Marketing Videos has been shown to increase sales and leads by over 7500% compared to individual digital marketing techniques such as standalone social media marketing campaign etc.

As a business client with us – we guarantee a successful implementation of the above strategies that would literally have new customers walking through your doors – every single day without much effort at all on your part – and that is what we strive for!

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