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What is the one thing that will change the way Businesses are run post COVID19? Well, looking past the fact that most of the world is currently in lockdown including (Movement Restriction Order or also infamously known as #MCO) in Malaysia, one of the most popular topic up for discussion amongst business owners in Malaysia and Singapore.

Does life as we know it return back to normal? Will the ‘all clear’ signal once issued by governments around the world mean that the pandemic is finally over and we can get back to our routine? Businesses can open their shutters and the customers, and more importantly the money will come rolling in? Well, sorry to rain on your parade – but it’s definitely not going to be as easy as that.

For one thing – post COVID19 pandemic, society as a whole will still likely be taking active and positive ‘social-distancing’ approaches. In other words if he/she can get something done online they probably will. Including shopping from your competitor who has an online presence that clearly dwarves whatever online marketing you probably have in place right now (and we certainly don’t think that Facebook Page that you occasionally post cat memes of counts as an ‘online marketing strategy’).

The thing is, the convenience of getting something done online, including groceries, booking an appointment, making a purchase, heck even a meeting is highly contagious! (pardon the pun!). In other words if people already know how convenient it can be to get things done online – chances are they’d stick to it. Don’t get us wrong – your cafe and pastry shop will still see customers come in (I mean right this moment, I’d absolutely kill for a drive to my favourite coffee shop in Mont Kiara and that yummy cheesecake and an enjoyable banter with some friends – Day 20 #MCO). However for things like meetings, online shopping etc, who would want to give up the comfort of their homes, getting stuck in traffic, the time taken etc. if the task can be done online? We are all social creatures, but we are also practical, and if something can be done easily online without much of a hassle – we would definitely do so.

What then could a Business Owner do to prepare for a world post COVID19?

Well that is the right question! Considering the fact that your Business is having a significant downtime right now, you could be taking the time and opportunity to reflect upon what Business processes you could improve. Starting from simple things like optimising your customer signup form (if you have one to save a customer filling up unnecessary details), or updating your Facebook Page, and even better if you pay some serious attention to what ‘online marketing’ or also popularly known as Digital Marketing approach you have in place for your Business in Malaysia or Singapore.

What is an Integrated Digital Marketing? | Elevate Digital

So what is an Integrated Digital Marketing solution you ask? It’s our proprietary Digital Marketing Malaysia solution crafted by Elevate Digital that is not only tailored for your Business from the very start, but more importantly places a significant importance on measuring the results obtained. Let’s face it the often obscure and invisible nature of Digital Marketing by nature and further exaggerated by various agencies, make it rather impossible to measure results obtained from a Digital Agency Malaysia strategy.

Well with out Integrated Digital Marketing – we spare no effort in not only coming up with an effective solution, but makes it easy for you to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) on exactly such a strategy. We make it easy to track sales and high quality leads using various tools and automation processes that make your investment in our solutions something you wished you had done years ago!

Digital Marketing Malaysia | Proven Strategies

Digital Marketing Malaysia

At Elevate Digital we specialise in crafting proven and effective Digital Marketing strategies for businesses that convert into customers and high-quality leads. An effective Digital Marketing Malaysia strategy will always address the following 3 key issues :

  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Education
  • Customer Acquisition

Engaging a customer online today means using Social Media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc) or Search Engine (Google Search) to be aware of your products / services in the first place. Let’s face it if your potential customers don’t even know you exist – chances are you’re not going to be making a sale to them. Hence the first order of business is to get your word out in a manner that is cost-effective and will deliver results down the road for your Business.

Customer education refers to the part where your potential customers or prospects can see the benefit of your product or services in his/her life. In other words, your product or services provide a solution to a problem that he/she may be facing. You are therefore educating the potential customer on how your solution will be helpful to solve their problems.

The final stage is of course – customer acquisition, where you get the customer to transact with your Business and make a sale of your product / service accordingly. Though this is always the target result for all businesses, most only focus on this final stage and forget all about the previous two stages. Online marketing, or Digital Marketing strategies will only truly work and be profitable if ALL of the stages above are addressed accordingly – a customer is not going to turn up at your doorstep out of the blue without your putting in the time and effort to cultivate and educate them on the benefits of your products or services in the first place.

Stand out with Digital Marketing | Customised and Effective

Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

No two Businesses are ever alike as they say. Well, what makes you think it’s any different for Digital Marketing. Two Businesses selling the exact same product in the same locality will require two very different approaches as well. If you think about it, would you rather be doing what your competitor is doing, or stand out from the crowd for doing something that your potential customers will always remember you by?

When it comes to Online Marketing or Digital Marketing, being where your customers are every single day for hours at time (i.e. on their mobile phones) is the first step to being successful. The integration and closely knitted platforms that are super widely used today (namely Google Search Engine, Facebook, Instagram etc) also make it easier for Businesses to capitalise upon all of these platforms accordingly to target and to continually remind a potential customer of the need for your service or product.

The key is also on the timing. Different ads or time based offers based on the interactions of a potential customer with your Business mean that you can laser target your offers and the ads a customer views in order to compel them to take action. An effective Digital Agency Malaysia solution will aways consider this and capitalise on this data and information in order to maximise your ad spend and get tangible results from your potential customers.

What should a Digital Marketing approach consist of?

Well simply put, a properly thought of and executed Digital Marketing Malaysia strategy for Businesses should encompass a number of issues. Read on to find out how we at Elevate Digital always strive to do when it comes to a proven and effective Digital Marketing solution for our clients.

  • Customised & Measurable Digital Marketing Solutions | Elevate Digital

    Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

    As you have already known by now – a customised Digital Marketing solution that highlights your Business’s core competencies and expertise is almost always a winner. Playing to your straights also mean that your potential customers and clients know that you’re the subject matter expert in that niche and will trust your message and what you have to say. This is critical in the building customer awareness period, as this is the time a potential customer forms an opinion of the said Business, making an impact at an early stage here will subconsciously position your product / service as the BEST solution in the minds of the customer.

  • Nurturing your Prospects | Elevate Digital

    Animated Video Malaysia

    An effective Digital Marketing strategy also cultivates and nurtures your potential prospects or customers accordingly. In other words as mentioned earlier in this article – starting from customer engagement and customer awareness stages – your Digital Agency Malaysia solution should have a workflow to motivate these pool of people to eventually take action.

    This is often overlooked but getting this stage right means that your Business would never ever run out of customers as you’d always have a pool of people who are going through your customer acquisition process. The good thing is that a BIG chunk of this process can be entirely automated, and we at Elevate Digital specialise in doing exactly this for our clients.

  • Evolving Digital Marketing | Elevate Digital

    Digital Agency Malaysia

    Contrary to popular beliefs, an effective Digital Marketing solution also has to be able to constantly evolve. For instance the algorithms of Facebook, Instagram and even Google search engine are constantly changing – meaning what used to work for your Business in the past may not necessarily do so tomorrow. As such a truly robust Digital Marketing agency should be able to capitalise on these changes to provide consistent results.

    When it comes to platform selection, should your Business be promoted over Google, Facebook or Pinterest for instance – the answer lies a lot on your target market. If your target market is going to be internet savvy male millennials for instance, Google and Facebook are going to be your bets to achieve your target result.

    Another aspect is the ad creatives used in your Digital Marketing campaigns, due to the nature of Social Media Marketing – the same ad creatives will not deliver the same results over a period of time. Hence the need to keep your content fresh and constantly evolving to achieve your desired results. Fresh creatives also means that your Digital Marketing Malaysia campaigns are evolving and reflects the current marketing trends. For instance in this #COVID19 period, how is your Business best capitalising on this? i.e. home deliveries, online order funnels etc.

Digital Marketing Solution for your Business in Malaysia & Singapore | Elevate Digital

As such one can easily from the above examples and benefits – how valuable the effective use of an effective and proven Digital Marketing strategy could make a HUGE difference for businesses operating in Singapore, Malaysia and around the world today.

Digital Agency Malaysia

Digital Marketing can always been referred to as a GREAT EQUALISER when it comes to matching the capabilities and reach of SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) with other bigger MNCs (Multinational Corporations). An efficient and smart use of Digital Agency Malaysia strategies could mean the very survival of your Business – especially during this unprecedented times due to the #COVID19 pandemic and how society and business in general will change post this episode.

As such as a business owner – the question you should be asking is is your Business prepared to deal with the change?

FREE Digital Marketing Solution Consultancy | Elevate Digital

Digital Agency Malaysia

At Elevate Digital – our tagline has always been ‘Empowering Businesses with Digital Marketing’, due to the fact that businesses large and small have been significantly affected during this global #COVID19 pandemic – we are extending a totally COMPLIMENTARY and NO-OBLIGATION Digital Marketing Solution consultancy for 30 minutes to all Business owners interested in taking their Business further.

This service is typically priced at RM 1000 for a 1 hour consultation where we walk you through the strategies and tools we would employ if we were in the driver’s seat of your Business. You can now take advantage of this premium consultation for FREE for 30 minutes!

So what’s stopping you from taking your Business further today? WhatsApp +60172517806 to book your appointment slot today!