Looking to see how you can skyrocket your business with effective email marketing in Malaysia? Well read on to find out exactly how you can do that today in this comprehensive guide to effective email marketing in Malaysia.

In a recently conducted market research study from Adobe, it was estimated that millennials (people born between 1981 and 1996), typically spend about 6.4 hours each day reading or checking their emails. Now that is a significant number! But let’s not forget that it’s not just millennials who are using email. Most people use email daily, and they check their inbox everywhere: while working out, eating, and even using the bathroom. It’s one of the most effective ways

Email marketing provides a reliable form of communication between your brand and your customers. It’s one of the most cost-effective solution to reach customers where they visit every day — their inboxes. The best part is that the cost of doing this for your business is – FREE!

Read on to find what makes email marketing a smart solution for your business in Malaysia to communicate with your audience, find new customers, and grow your business using effective and proven email marketing Malaysia strategies that will easily turn every single email you send into significant profits for your business in no time at all.

What is Email Marketing | Email Marketing Malaysia

Email marketing is basically an effective method of employing a digital marketing strategy of sending targeted emails to prospects and customers. Effective email marketing would convert prospects into customers, and turn one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans for the longer term – hence why it’ so powerful.

Email marketing in Malaysia can be done quite easily employing powerful email marketing auto-responder software platforms such as ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign is more than just an email marketing software though – it’s a complete CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that businesses small and large world over use to generate leads, cultivate leads and build a long lasting relationship with their customer or audience base.

You can get started on a FREE 14 day Trial with Active Campaign today by simply clicking below. Typical monthly charge starts from just RM 40 a month (depending on your subscriber count). Read our article about the pricing comparison for ActieCampaign packages and how you can make the best of your ActiveCampaign plans here.

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What Makes Email Marketing Standout?

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Now you may be wondering what’s so special about email marketing, and you’re not alone. Most people today think of email marketing as so ‘yesterday’ – the craze is in fact all about social media marketing, influencer marketing etc. However, most people fail to see the fact that email marketing is so powerful over all these years simply because it works like a charm!

There are numerous reasons why email marketing Malaysia is a clear winner for all businesses (small and large) in Malaysia to employ, but below we list just the main 3 reason:

  • Email is still the #1 Communication Channel – More than 95% of consumers continually check on their email on a daily basis. In fact most times, it’s multiple times a day – which means that the actual engagement of your content or communication is unparalleled compared to any other channel (be it online or offline)
  • You own your Email list – Your Email list will be your most valuable tool when you start employing effective email marketing. You have to keep in mind that if you’re already using any other social media platform, then your account, posts and all of your fans could be suspended or deleted with the blink of an eye! Trust us, we know this for a fact after being in the digital marketing business for so long! However with email marking – you own your email list. No one would be able to take the gold mine of leads, prospects and customers away from you.
  • Email marketing converts way better – Studies have proven that people who buy products marketed through emails spend close to 140% more than those who do not receive any email offers. In fact in a recent market research study, it was determined that email marketing’s ROI (Return on Investment) is close to 4400%! That’s out of this world! And you thought social media marketing was the golden child… 🙂

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Turning Emails into Profits | Email Marketing Malaysia

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Effective email marketing boils down to 3 major components being laid down clearly up front. We list them down below for your easy reference so that when you get started with your FREE 14 Day Email Marketing Trial with ActiveCampaign today – you know exactly how you can maximise this opportunity in no time at all.

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Employ a Solid Email Marketing Software

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A good email marketing software is more than just a software or service to send out emails. For example with ActiveCampaign, you get a complete CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. This allows you to track things such as email open rates, email optimisation features, smart auto responders, marketing automation, SMS marketing, newsletter automation and publication, custom forms, drag and drop email designs and many more!

The objective of having an excellent platform such as ActiveCampaign in your corner when it comes to email marketing in Malaysia is that is simplifies all of the tasks you’d have to do in keeping track of your customers, personal preferences, identify ‘warm’ and ‘hot’ leads and many more.

Utilising the data derived from an email marketing Malaysia software is also what really makes email marketing a clear winner, as you know exactly what content and interest someone that you have emailed has displayed. You can then use this data to target a campaign that will be best suited for this particular group of prospects or leads – in order to convert them to make a purchase.

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Provide Useful Content via Email

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Most people when they first start off with email marketing, immediately start off with sending a ‘promotional’ or ‘sales’ offer using email for Day 1. Whilst promotional and sales email offers work great, you have to keep in mind that the more you do this – the more likely your recipient is going to just click ‘Unsubscribe’ or even just categorise your emails as junk or spam – you certainly don’t want this.

The way around this is to treat email marketing just like any other channel of communication with prospective clients or leads – offer value, provide solutions, tell a story and engage with your email recipients. As the saying goes – ‘Content is King’, applies to email marketing as well. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re sending 3 emails a week to your subscribers, you may include 1 promotional or sales offer email a week with it. Your subscribers are certainly not gullible to such ‘sales offers’ which are dime a dozen today – so you’d be able to derive significant results from the use of them sparingly instead, and focus on what matters to your clients or customers – solutions to their problems.

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Use a Solid Email Opt-in Offer

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The quality and success of your b campaign will depend significantly on your opt-in offer for subscribers. What would compel your potential subscribers to provide you their email for example? Do you have an offer or a free product / service that you can provide in exchange for an email? Digital or downloadable products or guides or a simply instructional PDF are often winners when it comes to obtaining email addressed from your potentials leads or customers easily.

You should also think about a suitable and high-converting email opt-in design. You can easily accomplish this with Optin Monster – which currently has more than a million websites around the world using it to generate hundreds of millions of email address. This quick and easy tool to set up and design your winning opt-in offer you can then integrate with your website would be the winning combination to make your email marketing campaigns a success from the start.

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Conclusion | Email Marketing Malaysia

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In conclusion the success of your email marketing campaign for your business in Malaysia, depends heavily on using the right tool (i.e. email and customer relationship management software such as ActiveCampaign), using a winning opt-in offer (i.e. providing a free gift or downloadable guide) and ensuring that the email opt-in is attractive and stunning to collect your email leads.

Email marketing should be at the forefront of digital marketing for every single business (large or small) in Malaysia and should be implemented as soon as possible if you’re intending to grow a business in Malaysia that is constantly in touch with your customers and generates repeat and a raving following amongst your prospective clients as well. Check out this article about why email marketing in Malaysia is crucial for your business in this new age of digital marketing.

Do keep in mind that an effective email marketing Malaysia campaign once your business starts on it is something that would be paying for itself for decades to come, and that the cost of each email that you send to your customers is literally free.

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