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Insurance Sales is not easy – PERIOD. Not only is it challenging to find interested prospects, you also have to deal with securing the appointment, pitching the product idea, and eventually closing the sale. All of these steps present their own challenges – which means that as an insurance agent or broker, when you finally get a chance to sit down and talk to a prospect – you’re often trying your very best to pitch your idea on why the client needs the product. I.e. identifying the insurance gap and suggesting how the proposed insurance product would fulfil the gap.

The trouble is – explaining an insurance product to a client is not a walk in the park either. Take for example an Investment Linked Plan (ILP) for education savings for instance – you’d be talking about regular premium, top-up premium, insurance coverage, withdrawal conditions, unit price etc – all of which can be overwhelming to a new insurance client. The multitude of insurance terms as well as the conditions associated with taking up the insurance product is often cited as the reason why most people don’t understand insurance. An insurance sales cycle can also stretch into days if not weeks or even months – with constant follow ups, cajoling, multiple meetings, educating the client etc.

Don’t you wish there was a way where your prospect would actually be interested to meet you to talk about the product, gain an understanding of the insurance product in just 1 MINUTE flat, and actually thank you for your service? Well there sure is – introducing Animated Videos for Insurance. Sounds too good to be true? Well, read on and we would tell you all about it.

If you have no idea what an Animated Video is – check out our portfolio and order process here :

Insurance Marketing Video

In essence an Animated Video uses colourful, engaging images and motion that takes a complex idea and presents it in a simple and super easy to understand manner. The use of an Animated Video has been cited to improve product / service understanding by up to 650% compared to other traditional means such as a powerpoint slide, quotations, brochures etc. It is also the most effective tool to convey information to someone else with high retention rate, i.e. the person viewing the video will be able to recall information from it much longer than anything else such as reading document or watching a powerpoint slide for example.

Think about it this way – how many videos have you seen today? Be it on Social Media, computers, mobile phones etc. we are already heavily relying on electronic devices as part of everyday life – and video marketing using Animated Insurance Videos is the perfect weapon to be used in all of these devices to reach your prospects.

Our Animated Videos are presently used by over 150+ businesses, small and large, across 4 countries and they lead to significantly improved sales numbers and lead generation processes everyday. Our powerful Animated Insurance Sales Videos – means you get a dazzling animated insurance sales video that is designed to CONVERT. In other words they are designed to get your video viewers to take a specific action – i.e. sign up for an insurance product.

Everyone loves watching a video, what makes you think your insurance prospects would be any different? More so a colourful and bright animated or explainer video. Imagine if you as a financial advisor or insurance salesperson used animated videos to explain subjects such as critical illness cover, investment linked plans, mortgage reducing term assurance etc. – wouldn’t it just be that much more easier for a prospective client to understand? The benefit is both ways, as when prospect is able to understand the product easily, chances are the sale can be closed quickly !

At Elevate Digital Media – we are also the pioneers when it comes to offering the same superb quality animated videos at affordable prices! High quality animated videos doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of ringgit anymore, our basic animated video packages start from just RM 1799!  We at Elevate Digital believe that Top Quality Animated Sales Videos should be made accessible for everyone, and our pricing reflects just that! Insurance agents, agencies and brokers in Malaysia now have a chance to get their very own Animated Sales Videos, as well as the help and advice on how to use the animated videos in the best manner possible to generate new business instantly!

Closing Sales with Animated Insurance Sales Videos

Insurance Marketing Video

The number one hurdle an insurance agent often faces today when it comes to acquiring new clients, is explaining in the best possible way the benefits of the insurance product being proposed to a prospective client. Unfortunately this often means lengthy exchange of information in the form of text such as WhatsApp messages, Social Media posts, web articles, phone calls and various other form of communication. Oftentimes the more expensive the product, the more discerning the customer would be, and the more explanation is expected naturally, leading to a lengthy exchange and by default a longer sales process cycle.

An Animated Insurance Sales Video does an excellent job at solved the above mentioned problem, as the use of a custom made animated video designed to provide all the information a prospective client would want in under 1 minute! As the problem, solution and offer is all presented in the same video – the customer by watching the video is already aware of the benefits offered by the product or service and can closely relate to any follow-up information offered.

In other words the use of animated video for your insurance business would completely automate the sales process, in that it would have introduced your business, highlighted your potential customers pain points and sold your services or products as the solution, very much like a traditional sales cycle – only in the form of a bright and colourful video!

Digital Marketing combined with a powerful Animated Insurance Sales Video, means your reach of prospective clients or customers are almost limitless, and at the same time your cost of marketing to reach them is significantly reduced as well – as highly sharable content such as animated video mean that more people are naturally inclined to share and watch it in the first place!

Doubling Insurance Sales with Animated Videos in Malaysia | Top Animated Video Production Studio

Insurance Animated Video Malaysia

Here are some of the various uses of how an Animated Insurane Video would significantly improve sales numbers for businesses in no time at all:


    Insurance Marketing Malaysia

    Animated Insurance Videos allows the use of Social Media to reach a HUGE pool of your ideal customers. As videos are often shared widely across  various Social Media platforms – Animated Sales Videos due to their very nature of being colourful, bright and often funny would easily capture the imagination of viewers. People are also naturally drawn to share such videos with their friends and family members. This means that you are reaching new prospective clients essentially for FREE! 

    As such you can see how a small investment in your very own Animated Insurance Video, could easily give you the scope and ability to reach tens of thousands of people at a fraction of of the cost of traditional media advertising, and very often even free of charge!


    Insurance Marketing Malaysia

    A small investment in a your insurance business’s very own Animated Sales Video will keep generating a significant ROI (Return on Investment) for the business over months if not years!

    The low cost of producing an animated insurance marketing video has got to be one of the greatest benefits for most insurance agencies operating in Malaysia today, as it allows the same exposure as multinational companies with million dollar advertising budgets. We at Elevate Digital pride ourselves in creating world class animated sales and insurance marketing videos at affordable prices.

    Using your animated insurance marketing video online across websites and social media also mean that the cost of reaching new clients is also incredibly low compared to traditional TV advertising for example. The use of data analytics also mean that your video is only shown to people who are also very likely to purchase insurance products from you in the near future, which was simply not possible with TV adverts previously.


    Insurance Marketing Malaysia

    Too often most insurance agents or brokers spend a lot of time talking and meeting with the wrong prospects. You then go through an entire 30 minute presentation to find out they weren’t really interested in the first place or have issues such as ‘budget constraints’, ‘timing issues’ etc.

    Well imagine this – use the animated insurance marketing video to send to the initial prospects you are looking to contact (you can easily just send this via WhatsApp for example), the animated video does the initial ‘selling’ for you – it describes the insurance product, benefits, how it would help the prospect’s financial plans etc – then all you gotta do is gauge the interest of the prospect. Chances are an interested prospect would already indicate interest in learning more or be excited to meet you already to be closed! Wouldn’t that be a nice change from the kind of prospects you spend your time meeting today?

    As such you no longer waste precious time with uninterested prospects, but deal only with high-intent and ready to purchase prospects – saving you time, money and tremendously increasing your closing rates.

    That is truly on of the greatest benefits in employing an Animated Insurance Sales Video today. The use of background music, voiceovers, animation, colourful graphics and a powerful story – all make for a delivery of an Insurance Sales Pitch that will truly be one of a kind. You’d also have a high level of engagement in the video, and your viewer is throughly engrossed in to see what is going to happen next in the video. This keeps them motivated and eager to learn more about you and your insurance business.


    Insurance Marketing Malaysia

    Using an animated insurance marketing video also lets you break down complex insurance terms and products, and exactly how a particular insurance product would fit into your target client’s financial plans. Think about the last time you had to sit and talk to your tax agent or accountant. Often the issues being discussed are complex, and well just plain boring. Now imagine the presentation being made using a bright and colourful animation video; you’d very likely be paying full attention and the idea of sitting through a presentation with your tax agent doesn’t seem so bad at all!

    At Elevate Digital, we literally love make complex issues easy to understand with our Animated Insurance Marketing Videos. 

One can easily from the above how valuable the effective use of an Animated  Insurance Marketing Video strategy could make all the difference for insurance agencies and brokers operating in Malaysia and beyond today.

In fact you should also answer this question ‘Can you handle a sudden influx of new insurance clients?’, before you embark on this ground-breaking marketing method for insurance agents and agencies.

This may seem unbelievable at first, but having in place a method for your insurance business to scale quickly to serve for a major influx of new insurance clients, is one of the things you should have in place to take your insurance business on to the next level.

Animated Marketing Video  Agency in Malaysia

Animated Video Agency Malaysia

An Animated Marketing Video, coupled with an effective Social Media Marketing strategy has the potential to literally change the way your business is able to attract new clients and customers on an ongoing basis.

This is exactly what we at Elevate Digital specialise in – from producing world class animated sales and marketing videos, to employing the video to gain maximum traction for the said business. Our Integrated Digital Marketing solution, especially one that incorporates an Animated Marketing Video has been shown to increase sales and leads by over 7500% compared to individual digital marketing techniques such as standalone social media marketing etc.

A successful implementation of the above strategies would literally have new customers walking through your doors every single day without much effort at all on your part – and that is what we strive for!

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