3 Ways to Find More Customers for your Business in Malaysia. Let’s face it, business is a tough world to be in. Everyday you face multiple challenges from competition, new technologies, taxes and not to mention finding new customers. If you’re a business owner handling all of the above – WE FEEL YOU – that’s why we would like to share 3 ways you could literally start getting new customers within days for your business. And yes we DO mean – ANY BUSINESS !

Online marketing is still very much in it’s infancy in Malaysia, although most larger businesses have fully embraced online marketing solutions, smaller to medium sized businesses have not even wrapped their heads around the possibilities offered by implementing the various online marketing methods available today. At Elevate Digital we aim to change that everyday – the countless businesses and lives we have truly made a DIFFERENCE in are the testament to that. The sweetener of course lies in the tremendous improvements in terms of revenue and profits generated by incorporating our online marketing Malaysia techniques – that is what truly drives us to do BETTER every single day.

Customer Acquisition for Online Marketing Malaysia Businesses

What’s the hardest thing about starting and GROWING a business? For many small to medium sized businesses (such as KL based plumbers, KL Dermatologist, KL Fridge Repair Services etc.), the answer is finding clients or getting customers. Customer acquisition is particularly difficult if your marketing budget is limited, and we get that. The good thing about online marketing methods, is that the cost is often MUCH SMALLER than traditional marketing methods such as television ads, radio ads and billboards for example.

Online Marketing Malaysia - Elevate Digital

Having a great product or service that you are sure many people will need isn’t good enough. Customers won’t find you, your store, your website or your Facebook Page just because you start a business. YOU have to go out and find potential customers and clients. In fact, as a business owner you’d probably agree that customer acquisition needs to be an ongoing focus for most businesses.  Even successful businesses will have customers or clients who stop buying for one reason or another. Those customers have to be replaced just to keep your business on an even keel. The problem is – we know that ongoing customer acquisition is NOT an EASY task. You have to dedicate resources – be it personnel, time or money to get this done. From making numerous calls, sending proposals, scheduling meetings – WE KNOW THIS, because that’s literally the reason we got into this business with our online marketing Malaysia!

Let’s look at the 3 WAYS your business in Malaysia could get started getting new customers online in just 48 hours:

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing Malaysia

    Social Media Marketing is essentially promoting or marketing your products or services online using social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. The biggest reason this works is simply because of the time most people spend online on their mobile phones and computers today. Latest research data shows most people spend 6 HOURS & 42 MINUTES online EVERY SINGLE DAY. Half of that is on mobile devices!

  • Paid Search Advertising (Google Ads)

    Google Ads Malaysia

    Undoubtedly Google is KING when it comes to Search Engines. Just think of the last time you needed to purchase something, chances are you did a quick Google Search about the product or service and most probably also contacted someone based on the search results obtained. That is the kind of POWER afforded by this marketing technique – that whenever the keywords relevant to your business or product is searched for by a potential customer – they see you! Now imagine that same POWER applied for your business or practice.

  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing Malaysia

    Email Marketing is the often forgotten stepchild of online marketing. When social media got all sexy, many marketers and businesses simply forgot about the ancient art of email marketing. The data backs up email as a mighty marketing force. Email marketing is responsible for 16% of customers acquired, compared with the less than 1% acquisition rate from Facebook.

Getting Started with Online Marketing Malaysia

Now that you are aware of the above online marketing methods you could employ in no time for your business to start getting new customers, the next question is how do you get started?

Well you could get your HR Department to start looking for someone who has the experience in the medium of online marketing Malaysia you’d like to employ for your business. For example if you wish to embark on Social Media Marketing, you’d start by looking at experienced Social Media Marketers who may have worked for other companies in a similar capacity. But here are the challenges of doing so :

Cost 💸 – You’d be looking at forking out tens of thousands of ringgit in employing and retaining personnels related to online marketing on a monthly basis

Expertise 👩‍💻 – Chances are you’d be hiring someone from another niche or business, meaning that the quality of work done by the new hire for your business is not proven

Time⏳ – The time taken in hiring, training and finally excuting the online marketing campaigns would easily stretch into months if not years

Online Marketing Agency Malaysia

Getting started with an Online Marketing Agency is obviously the SMARTER and more EFFICIENT choice when it comes to getting started on online marketing techniques for your business.

At Elevate Digital, over the course of the years, we have worked with numerous smaller to multinational businesses in Malaysia and around the world 🌍 in delivering various online marketing solutions that works best for different businesses and niches. What this means is that for a business owner such as yourself, you’re free to run the business or practice that you love to the best of your ability. We do all the heavy-lifting from studying your business model, identifying the best online marketing technique to employ, how to get results, and manage advertising costs and provide a detailed monthly report on your campaign performance over a period of time.

In other words – you’re outsourcing the entire cost and logistics of having your own online marketing team and it’s costly expenses to an external trusted expert. This not only helps keep the costs of doing so as low as possible, it also positions your business to derive the maximum BENEFIT from online marketing Malaysia solution as everything is now taken care by your worker bees – US at Elevate Digital.

Isn’t it time for your Business to get boatloads of NEW customers and for you to WORK SMARTER? Take the first step today and schedule your FREE strategy call with us today. We’d be thrilled to have you with us on this journey!