Social Media Marketing is all the RAVE right now amongst most businesses. If you’re a business operating today in Malaysia, and you have yet to formulate an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy to drive the growth of your business – you are simply leaving money on the table every single month.

The advent of social media has literally taken over the world by a storm. Most people spend at least 2 hours and 22 minutes DAILY on platforms such  as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc (according to the latest data gatherered by Digital Information World in 2019). That is certainly a big deal!

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Businesses big and small can both benefit from an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy. In fact most experts would agree that smaller businesses actually stand to GAIN much more compared to bigger businesses. The popularity of the social media and the wide availability and usage of the Internet in our everyday lives means people are more connected today compared to 10 years ago.

Advertising using traditional means such as newspapers, television, billboards etc which used to cost tens thousands of ringgits and was only available as an avenue for bigger businesses to reach the masses is a thing of the past.

With Social Media Marketing, smaller businesses can get effective and in many ways results that are at least 10X the multiple of the ad spend cost compared to traditional advertising methods in no time. At Elevate Digital Media – this is exactly what we LOVE 💖 doing! Helping smaller businesses achieve amazing results using proven and effective Social Media Marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing & SMEs in MALAYSIA

Here are some of the reasons why an effective Social Media Marketing strategy is so important for small to medium enterprise (SMEs) businesses in Malaysia today:

  • Social Media Marketing allows the use of BIG DATA and CUSTOMISATION to reach your ideal customers. The amount of data points per user tracked by platforms such as Facebook an Instagram today is astounding. According to the the latest available research data, Facebook has more than 52,000 data points tracked per user!  Did you even know you know that you have over 52,000 traits? Well, Facebook certainly does!

  • Ridiculously low cost of advertising! This has got to be one of the major reasons why if you’re a small to medium enterprise operating today – an effective Social Media Marketing strategy could mean the difference between success and failure. At Elevate Digital, we have helped many lcoal businesses formulate a winning Social Media Marketing strategy that has yielded some impressive results. A recent strategy implemented for a gymnasium and dental practice resulted in a Return of Investment (ROI) of over 10 times the cost of advertising spend.

  • Trackable results. This has got to be one of the major advantages of Social Media Marketing for local businesses in Malaysia. Compared to traditional advertising methods such as television ads, radio ads and billboards for example, you were literally throwing away money for often questionable results. With Social Media Marketing however, you can TARGET your ideal customers and ensure your advertising budget is used in the most optimal manner to reach them. And the best part is you can easily work out the results obtained for such marketing campaigns based on how much a new customer is worth for your business (using Customer Lifetime Value) for example.

One can easily from the above how valuable an effective Social Media Marketing strategy could make all the difference for smaller and medium sized businesses operating in Malaysia today.

In fact one of the first questions we ask business owners is ‘Can you handle a sudden influx of customers?’ This may seem unbelievable but having in place a method for your business to scale quickly to serve for a major influx of new customers is one of the things we discuss with you as a business owner when we work with you to take your business to the next level.

Social Media Marketing Agency

An effective Social Media Marketing strategy is NOT about posting cute cat videos on your Facebook Page. It often means the cultivation of engaging content, offer creation and promotion, setting up Facebook Pixel on your website, utilising the data garnered for future promotions, reaching out to effectively target your ideal customers and much much more.

Working with reputable a Social Media Marketing Agency for you as a business owner means you have all of this squared away. This is literally what we do BEST! We know exactly how to get you the results that you are craving for and literally take your business to the next level. In addition you do not fumble and waste valuable money by figuring out how to best design and execute an effective Social Media Marketing strategy for your business.

Most clients that we work with see tangible and measurable results that means more sales or customers for their businesses within the first 60 days or less! That’s a number we are extremely proud of and have been able to replicate time and time again.

A Social Media Marketing Agency is also able to advise on the best possible strategies, identify your ideal customers, create engaging ads and content, do competitor research, reach customers who are most likely to purchase from you and ensure a follow up strategy is in place for customers who are likely to purchase in the future. All of this are extremely valuable if you’re a business owner who is looking to get an endless stream of new customers every single day. This also allows you as a business owner to focus on what you do best – ensuring your new customers are satisfied and running your business!

So if you’re a business owner in Malaysia looking to take your business to the next level – what are you even waiting for? Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION to see how we may work together to achieve the best results for your business today!